What Is The  €10,000 Fundraising For ?

Our main goal is to welcome, resettle and support one family at a time seeking refuge from war and enable them to build a new life here in Cahersiveen. To do this, we must raise a minimum of €10,000 per family. This sum is determined by the Department of Justice and Equality in order to join the Community Sponsorship Ireland programme.


The €10,000 will go towards securing a privately rented home, paying the deposit, helping with rent until the family can get on their feet. The children will need school uniforms, books, school bags. They may need clothes, getting the children membership to local clubs & activities,  transport,  language training, employment preparation and job seeking, start-up needs such as household supplies and furnishings 

€10,000 is the minimum that needs to be raised as determined by the Department of Justice, how it it is spent will depend on the needs of the family when they arrive. It is the Fáilte group that has the decision on how it is to be spent. €10,000 is a lot of money for South Kerry, but the same target applies to all groups nationwide. If the full €10,000 is not used it can go to help another family or towards another group also trying to help a family in need

Where Will The Family Live ?

The Fáilte Group will secure a privately rented home, We will help with the deposit, rent and setting up their home until such time they become fully independent. We will be there to continue to support them, after that we will still be there to support the family like any good friends or neighbours would.  There are huge number of vacant homes in the area, we are thankful that we don't have a housing shortage in Iveragh. In a recent survey over 140 empty homes have been identified in the area. Our country schools are struggling to keep teachers, Families are what the area needs, and the children would thrive in a smaller school country schools.

Who Decides What Family is Coming Here ?

The referral of refugees to Community Sponsorship Ireland will be made under existing procedures already in place for the government-managed resettlement programme. Under these procedures, refugees must first be registered with UNHCR and then identified by them as refugees in need of resettlement. They may then be referred to the Irish Government who will interview them and take a final decision on whether or not a refugee is accepted on resettlement, these procedures are conducted in camps that they currently reside in after been granted refugee status.

Before making this decision, each candidate is the subject of a Garda security assessment, interview, and the checking of fingerprints against national and international databases. Individuals selected for the Community Sponsorship Programme will also be asked if they agree to participate in the programme and to provide written consent to share basic information with sponsors. Pre-departure health screening is also carried out. At present, all refugees coming to Ireland under the resettlement programme have been living in either Lebanon or Jordan, the vast majority of whom are Syrian nationals

Once Fáilte Cahersiveen has fundraised €10,000 we will then be matched with a family. We will find out about them. They will find out about us and the area they are coming to. This matching process benefits both the new family and the community.

What is required of Fáilte Group to prepare for the arrival the Family?

In advance of the family’s arrival, the Fáilte Group are asked to plan in detail for the provision of all necessary supports and to demonstrate their preparations through the submission of a settlement plan. NASC will help us with this and provide initial feedback once an initial draft is complete. In addition:

  • All members must attend mandatory training

  • All members must undergo Garda vetting

  • The group must fundraise the required amount of €10,000

  • The group must source accommodation suitable for a family for 24 months  

  • All members must complete Túsla’s Introduction to Children First e-learning module on Child Safeguarding; and all other mandated safeguarding training

  • The group must draft a comprehensive Safeguarding Statement

What is Resettlement

The refugee resettlement programme in Ireland has been in operation since 2000 and is run by the Irish Government and coordinated by the Department of Justice and Equality in collaboration with UNHCR. As refugees admitted to Ireland have already been determined by UNHCR to meet the definition of a refugee, they are not required to apply for refugee status upon arrival in Ireland. Their rights are set out in the International Protection Act 2015. In most respects, including access to education, employment and social protection, resettled refugees have the same rights and entitlements as Irish citizens. Following arrival they become eligible to apply for naturalisation after three years residing in the State.

In 2015, the Irish Government established the Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP), in response to the humanitarian crisis that developed in Southern Europe due to mass forced displacement from conflict areas, particularly in the Middle East. The IRPP has the responsibility of ensuring Ireland meets its commitments. It is currently mandated to arrange for the admittance of a total intake of 4,000 persons in need of international protection through resettlement and other pathways. As of December 2018 the IRPP had accepted over 2,200 refugees and asylum seekers and aims to take in many more in the coming years through both state-managed and community-sponsored resettlement schemes.

Who Can Form a Community Sponsorship Group

Community Sponsorship is delivered by a core group of at least five people within a given community, otherwise known as a Community Sponsorship Group. Our group is called Fáilte Cahersiveen and has over 20 members and growing. If you would like to join please contact us for further details.

Once formed, the Community Sponsorship Group partners with a Regional Support Organisation (RSO) such as NASC who works with them to prepare and complete application forms, deliver training and guide them through the process one step at a time. Community Sponsorship Groups must meet the following criteria:

  • All members of the group must be locally resident and resident in Ireland

  • All members of the group must be over eighteen

  • The group must align with a Regional Support Organisation (RSO)

  • The group must complete and submit a detailed application form to the Department of Justice and Equality for approval; this includes a sponsorship undertaking whereby all members of the group commit to meet the obligations of the programme.

If you are from a neighbouring town or village, and you want to help a family in need all you need is 4 of your friends  to join you to set up a group please do contact us, we would love to hear from you and help you in any way we can. We are the first group in Kerry but we hope to have many more over the next few years